Jake: Yep. jake peralta being in love with amy santiago for twelve minutes (also tease flirting + jealous jake) LMthedream 47.2K subscribers Subscribe 1.6M views 2 years ago happy early valentine's day!. You may kiss the bride. Once the guys arrive at the Bachelorette party, Amy tells Jake she had to cancel the wedding band. when she joins the. When she asks him how he knows about those, he says he knows a lot about everyone in the precinct because they spend so much time together. (Jake takes on a case which ends with his kidnapping , can the team find him before his fate is made?). One-Shots of my favorite Brooklyn 99 ship. Pretty much self-explanatory. Jake lovingly teases Amy about it using the pet name Constantine used to use on her. When he threatens to tase her again, she tells him she's pregnant and he's ecstatic until Holt reveals it was a hoax. Brooklyn 99 Amy: Okay, stop it, or I'll crash the car. Jake thinks its hot that Amy has eggshell in her bra after she is egged on Halloween. Jake makes the effort to actually do research on Mr. Santiago and creates a whole binder so he can impress him. Although they often bicker and tease each other, it is clear they have mutual respect and share a friendship. When Captain Holt calls Jake selfish, Jake takes it saying he doesn't want to get mad because he thinks of Amy's respect and worry for Holt. You still don't know the sex of the baby. When trying to get back to New York for Holt's job interview, Jake reminds Amy of her amazing Type-A capabilities, and she gets into gear to get them all back home as efficiently as possible. Charles then runs in and rushes Jake and Amy out to their wedding. Peraltiago Oneshots [ Complete. Amy Santiago/Jake Peralta Anyway this book is in Amy's perspective the whole time and it starts right before she j an active shooter but this time its jake and ames. UndercoverThe Jimmy Jab GamesThe Road TripBoyle-Linetti WeddingDet. I broke it, like, 20 minutes later. Amy is annoyed at the fact that Jake says "mischief managed" after they finish sex. "Amy, there was a bomb at this wedding. Jake starts teasing Amy about the fact she used to like him. Jake texts Amy when he, Charles and Gina get trapped inside Goodwin's and to get Rosa and Holt's attention, Amy goes into the freezing ocean (which she refused to go in before) to tell them about the crisis. (Jake & Amy), Jake [dressed as Melvil Dewey for role-playing]: Hello. Jake: Nope, this kid is liquid fire. I almost missed the birth, we had our baby at the precinct, a firefighter touched our child. There is a bomb at this wedding as well. Jake then asks Amy if they could talk together alone. Santiago suffering from FOMOW, Jake mouths 'Yes, she is.' Amy: All I wanted was just for you to be okay. Basically a bunch of Jake and Rosa smut. jake and amy fanfiction protective July 3, 2022 July 3, 2022 July 3, 2022 July 3, 2022 Jake: Well, the important thing is we'll support him no matter what. Yes. Amy decides to join the games to avoid losing the car. I spent my whole life trying to beat David at something. He adds that she shouldn't kiss anyone else and that he loves her so much. Charles tells him that he just texted a bunch of crazy, weird, random letters that actually went to Amy. While hiding in Captain Holt's bathroom, Jake helps shield Amy from Holt's dog, When Amy unknowingly helps Jake figure out why. A little. That was until this unhinged familiar flower summoning lady showed up at her precinct and punched her across the face. Amy: Oh, especially then. Jake apologizes and agrees that he shouldn't have said that part. In the middle of Season 4, Jake decides to move into Amy's apartment. When their plan doesn't work out, they decide to hold their wedding on May 15th at a public recreation center. Jake: Oh my god, that's right! After Amy remarks that she hopes it wasn't a mistake, Jake says ". Jake notes that it started off rocky, but ended up being fun. Jake and Amy relationship has changed through out the years from competitive co workers to becoming husband and wife now the pair lives were about to change forever. The squad were just trying to go on a road trip, but somehow they've ended up in the wrong time. "I've been watching this show since I was in high school, so I love to watch it whenever I get the chance." Jake smiles, moving his fork along with his . Amy comments that Teddy never does anything romantic like that for her; Jake feels sorry for her so he calls Teddy to tell him to join them at the bed and breakfast. Jake adds that Amy loves him for not caring about flossing his teeth. While dancing with Susan, Jake and Amy smile at each other. Jake and Amy are officially engaged to be married. Amy: Actually, vultures do very well in captivity - and they mate for life. Jake Peralta has been i "It's what she would have wanted" Jake asks Amy if she did like him, and she says "Maybe. She did have one guess as to what might be causing it, and, um, she was right. Jake is visibly upset when Amy tells him that she's spending the weekend in the Berkshires with Teddy. While attempting to reveal to her parents that she's bisexual, Rosa instead lies and says she's dating Jake. Of course, they love it and After the stake-out Jake has different feelings for Amy. Amy: Yep. After blowing up Jimmy Brogans book at Amys suggestion, Jake throws out a quote from Die Hard and looks at Amy for a reaction. With all the craziness I almost forgot. Im going to be writing one shots! i've seen a lot of people do this so i'll be trying it myself! Categories . Jake wakes up happy for once in jail because it's visiting day, and he gets to see Amy. Read full article on Title of Amy's Sex Tape. Amy assures him that that wont be a problem. While Amy is taking photos in front of the Brooklyn Detention Complex where David is being held and before he's released on bail, Jake says he wants Amy to chill out, but can't help getting swept up in her happiness and also jumps into taking the photos with Amy. During the funeral of their former police chief, Amy notices that she never laughs in photos whereas all the other people laugh. In the Season 5 episode titled "HalloVeen," Jake proposes to Amy in the evidence room, which she accepts. Upon entering, Amy says theyve solved the case. Jake & Amy Jake: Yeah, but it doesn't matter. Jake (with Charles, Hitchcock and Scully) is cornered in the kitchen of a Wings Slutz restaurant. It doesn't take long before Amy starts to let her guard down. amysantiago. Amy gets annoyed at Teddy and ends up telling him that she wants to break things off. Oh, you didn't hear? Jake says that it's not possible to do that at the moment and motions towards Amy and Teddy chatting at the bar. Age age 29, Jake Peralta's daughter was born. Someone is trying to blow us up. Amy: I like the second one. Jake has Amy on his cellphone listening to the rest of the squad, Capt. You put a vulture into a cage, and [squawks], it freaks out. (The Road Trip), Jake: I mean, don't get me wrong. Charles also refers to their relationship as Peraltiago. Jake's dad and grandpa knock over the cake that will reveal the baby's sex, and they try to clean it up. He responds "I've never been more in love with you in my entire life.". And I get there's stuff I can't control. Hi guys this is my first book so don't come at me too much if you don't like it. Jake is looking through the live cameras of the Precinct's security system. Jake: Well, I'm very proud of you. It's revealed that Amy isn't actually pregnant. Rosa: Amy, didn't you tell him to his face he was the most boring man alive? peralta. Amy: Great. Jake admits that he volunteered to dog-sit Cheddar so Holt could go to Paris because if it was him and Amy who were separated for months, it would make him really sad. They only make the mess worse, so they make another cake with the help of Charles. Jake disagrees and says that it is perfect. Santiago is a Spanish name derived from the Hebrew name Jacob. Holt: Do you, Amy Santiago, take Jake Peralta to be your husband? They decide to start dating but set some ground rules first, so to not make working together weird. even though they aren't in the same room. Jake sets up the interrogation room for Charles to propose to Vivian. Charles becomes upset and tries to point out how perfect Jake and Amy are for each other, but the two detectives deny any feelings, sticking to their first rule. He tells her that she will regret it if something happens to her brother. He then tries to impress her with a sexy voice. Amy apologizes for all the money Jake lost last night on date activities they never went through with. The dinner does not get off to a good start either, causing Jake and Amy to get uncomfortable at their respective parents hinting in sexual innuendos. Charles is surprised that Jake isn't pining over Amy. I am thrilled to know that you used to like me, and I will bring it up constantly. 37.4K 1K 17. ", to which Amy questions how they are in a relationship. It wont feel so meaningless. Jake kissed Amys cheek gently. They end up in an alternate version of Brooklyn, New York. Amy says it's okay and is actually glad he said something. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (14), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types (1), Established Jake Peralta/Amy Santiago (15), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Jake Peralta as a victim of a sexual assault, Past Jake Peralta/Original Male Character, pls read notes for any trigger warnings thanku, Camilo Madrigal & Dolores Madrigal & Isabela Madrigal & Luisa Madrigal & Mirabel Madrigal, Charles Boyle & Rosa Diaz & Jake Peralta & Amy Santiago, jake peralta taking on the sexist world in his daughters defense, The Sullivan-Peralta Relationship (Was Doomed From The Start), Obscure Fanfiction Series (RichardGraysonPercyJackson), Jake Peralta/Original Female Character(s), Jake Peralta: Detective By Day, Single Father By Night, nothing political guys this is just fanfic, canon divergence but peraltiago in the long run. Terry asks Jake "Not even after the time your wife shot you?". You still don't know the sex of the baby. Jake and Amy started dating sometime in late May 2015, during the events of, They got engaged on November 1st, 2017, right after. Amy shakes her head for 'No' and says she knows that he doesn't drink water, that he pees once every 2 days and already went this morning. Go on. Jake: We're having a boy! Amy has a dance competition with David and tries to do a Death Drop [move] but ends up failing and hitting her head. Jake pulls the pin and runs out with Amy, leaving The Vulture helpless as the can of tear gas explodes. Around the end of the episode, Amy says she spent her whole life trying to beat David at something, but "when you were in danger, I just didn't care anymore" I may never have the mantle, but it doesn't matter, 'cause I have you. Jake: Yeah. Please consider turning it on! Holt approaches them and lets them know that he fixed the issue; so now The Vulture will not bust the two of them dow, nor stand in the way of them dating. Terry questions Jake and Amy about the cause of Dozerman's death. Jake: What? The Vulture issues a command to Jake that he either dumps Amy or else he will be demoted. Jake takes Amy to a barrel museum. Jake says he got to see the world through Amy's eyes. Jake verbally panics, but is relieved when Amy tells him she was kidding. Amy gives birth at the precinct with Jake arriving just in time to see it. I mean, I guess he's okay-looking. Jake agrees and decides to go to Amy's apartment to tell her how he feels. She taunts Jake. Having captured the perp, Jake offers to buy drinks for both he and Amy, but she mentions that shes still planning on going to the interview for the position in the MCU. Jake and Amy spends much of their time at Captain Holt's party trying to impress their hosts or arguing about which of them is more socially awkward. Amy asks if he's okay, and he says, "Yeah, everything's fine, I'm talking to you.". At the bar, everyone celebrates, and as Holt hands Jake two champagnes, he says "One for you and one for your wife.". Jake and Amy must convince the Vulture to give up the house. Jake informs her that it was a good date anyway. # 5. Dave MajorsJohnny and Dora Jake convinces Charles that it's not a date with Amy, but with a girl he met at the gym. I know, it's a great story. When Matthew says that he cannot help them, Jake talks to Amy about what they should start doing should he be found guilty. Amy tells Jake that she can make it to the Precinct in 10 minutes, that she loves him, and that he better not solve the case without her. Having an obsession for crime and murder, when. Jake makes an effort to tag along and tries to one-up Teddy. Amy confesses that, while she exceeded expectations on the practice test, she was worried that her becoming a sergeant would change things between them, and that she didn't want that to happen. Jake and Amy try to enjoy doing many couples' activities during their stay: Chillaxing in the pool with coconuts drinks, A couple's hot stone massage in their hotel room, A class titled "Sensual Food Tasting: The Art of Feeding Your Lover", Sunbathe with face masks in a bungalow by the pool. Amy says "[she] can love two things.". A new detective starts working at the 99 and Jake realizes he's the man who sexually assaulted him when he was 11. can we always be this close forever and ever? Amy: Say cute Jake. This wasn't our plan, and we agreed we'd wait a year and there's so much to do first, and it would've been crazy, right? Jake: I'm calm because there's not really a bomb. At the same time, she also sees red Post-its scattered on and around her and asks Jake why is she's covered in them. They then decide to be reckless, and do things such as getting very drunk and having sex in public, but this doesn't work either. Engaged: This old jacket is so hot. ", Jake tells Amy he likes her "romantic stylez.". No. When he attempts to dunk with the help of a ladder, it collapses beneath him and he falls to the ground. Jake Peralta, an immature detective feels a strong feeling towards Amy Santiago, the super organized, and beautiful detective. Season Five: Jake says Amy must be "freaking out" seeing him in a tux, and she responds in a sarcastic, sexy voice, which Jake says is "kind of getting me going.". The bomb squad's on their way. Jake compares her to. She remarks that it is fun, to which Jake agrees. She expresses that she loves Jake so much; and is taken aback about how she has said "I love you" to him before but never added "so much." The next time Amy calls Jake, she says she's almost at the Precinct and ends up yelling at Jake to not dare to hang up on her. Thats exactly what I was thinking., (A West Wing-inspired AU where Amy is assigned a new guard, one Special Agent Peralta, and she is not happy about it. Season Eight: Whenever they were in Jake's old bedroom, Amy keeps pointing out embarrassing things about Jake, like his nose ring and a hat. Will his feelings be corresponded? Using FaceTime he says "Ames, I love you but I can't talk right now." Jake explains that it's what Harry Potter says when he needs to clear the Marauder's Map. ", to which Jake responds "Oh my god, that's right. At dinner, Jake, Sophia, Amy and Teddy awkwardly converse. Jake keeps two pictures of Amy by his bed in prison. Jake is handcuffed to a cabinet when Amy walks by. Jake: Indeed I am. [they both walk over to a box on the break room table] Jake: Every other big decision I've made in my life I was sure about: becoming a cop, asking you to marry me (Casecation), Amy: So, did they defuse the bomb? Because Jake wants to talk to Amy so badly, he buys an illegal phone from a very dangerous prisoner. In this alternative universe, Amy Santiago becomes the captain of the NineNine. She also gets distracted after seeing how much community service Jake did in high school. Jake: Awesome. When explaining how the bet works, it's revealed that if Jake wins, Amy has to go on a date with him, which he guarantees will end in sex. When Amy mistakenly says another Nora Ephron movie and Adrian tells her off, she holds on to Jake and he tells her not to take it personally. Jake asks Amy which of the two blue plaid shirts he's holding he should he wear to the upcoming dinner with her mom. Kudos: 1 Hits: 111 She's caught off guard and confused. Jake and Amy lovingly dance together in Shaw's Bar. Rosa takes Jake aside and ask him if he wants to call off the bet because, "It's clear you still have feelings for Amy." Jake smirks at her, saying they found a common ground. Jake: Love you too. Jake: No, please. Everything is going wrong, but Jake assures Amy that their wedding day is going to be perfect until an unknown person calls in and announces there is a bomb in the venue. After the problem is solved, Amy runs into Jake and kisses him. For you to be the mom, I wasn't just agreeing with the nice thing you said about me. Amy: Yeah, this is really hard to track. Jake suggests that they go to either Paris, London, or Rome. HalloVeen Neither think this evening is in the running. Are you okay? Amy looks proud of herself, and also mentions it's actually common, like renter's insurance. Ya butt. Amy goes on another date, which takes a unexpected twist. He also proceeds to get down on one knee and almost propose marriage to Amy to show how committed he is to her in order to get her to tell him the pertinent information. Jake: Did you? Jake responds with a title of your sex tape joke and Amy smiles, happy to see the Jake that she knows. she shot Jake with a real bullet in the past, Charles Obsessing Over Jake and Amys Relationship, the midnight conclusion of The Annual Halloween Heist, https://twitter.com/Brooklyn99FOX/status/605944935267733504, https://sunset.ucbtheatre.com/performance/37772. When Captain Holt tells Jake he must go on a stakeout, Jake gets Amys attention by calling out Darling and then escorts her out of the bar. Memories rammed into his brain at an immense speed , and everything ached , he just longed to be back home , in his girlfriends arms. In the evidence lockup after finding out that Captain Holt is leaving, Jake and Amy kiss for real for the first time. Amy goes out on a date and Jake checks up on her. I mean, sometimes it sucks. HalloVeenThe VenueTwo TurkeysThe Puzzle MasterDFWBachelor/ette PartyJake & Amy And I love you both. Jake admits to his defeat to Amy, crowning her "Queen of the 99" and declaring everything she did was awesome. Let's just take our clothes off. Jake shows her he got another cake for just the two of them, but when they open the box it's not there. But then a moment later shows that he got turned on, and asks Amy to do it more. As one of the big decisions of his life that he was sure about, Jake had said asking Amy to marry him. He has provided Amy with an embarrassing dress and remarks that she looks like every girl he had a crush on at every Bar Mitzvahs in his youth. At age 29, Jake Peralta demanded full custody of Lillian-Anne. At Amy's party, she finds out that Jake hired a wedding band in which Amy's ex-boyfriend.